2019 APAP & Jazz Congress

2019 APAP & Jazz Congress

The 2019 Jazz Congress and APAP were very busy this year! I started Thursday January 3rd with a reception hosted by the Kennedy Center. Friday January 4th, I set up my booth and had dinner with several friends who are also managers: Karen Kennedy, Ina Dittke, and Amparo Tebar. I finished off with cocktails with legendary Darlene Chan. 

On Saturday January 5th, I produced a showcase at Yamaha Artist Services featuring several stellar artists including one of my newest clients Richie Goods. On Saturday Night, I witnessed a showcase performed by my client Jade Solomon Curtis. Sunday morning I operated a panel by NAPAMA (of which I serve on the board) entitled “Mission and Money”. On Sunday morning I saw Jade Solomon Curtis’ showcase at City Center. Later on in the afternoon I produced a showcase at the Regent Parlor in the Hilton Hotel and sneaked out for a minute to see another new client Brianna Thomas also at the Hilton. On Monday Jazz Congress officially began! Most of the day I operated my booth at APAP, however later on I had the pleasure of serving on a panel entitled “Management Roundtable” featuring Daryl Pitt and Thulani Bridgewater Kowalski. Tuesday I served on a panel honoring my former client Randy Weston who made his transition in September 2018. WHEW!

I look forward to a busy and prosperous 2019!

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